CrossFit, sweat and deodorant

In fitness generally, but specifically CrossFit, you can’t help but sweat. But when you spend that long in the gym so that you can look good and feel strong, you don’t want to have anxiety caused by purely natural, but unpleasant, body odour.

I speak about this through experience, I have far too vivid memories of being half way through a 20 minute AMRAP, hitting some thrusters and getting a whiff from my armpits. Take it from me, that does not help you getting your best scores!

Likewise, anything to try and stop you sweating isn’t ideal either. Sweating is your body’s natural cooling. Even the best anti-perspirants won’t stop you sweating during a WOD, but only reduce the amount you do.

That’s why at LOX we are creating the best deodorant for CrossFit; one that stops you smelling even when sweating profusely, still lets your body work as intended and won’t cause any armpit stains ruining your favourite kit.

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